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Automatic 2 Barrel Cleaner for Support Rack with accessories: 225-500L Model

Project Detail


Manufactured in stainless steel
With wheels for easy transport within winery
For wineries with up to 1000 barrels
Exclusive Total wash system
Control panel with timer
For 225-500 Liter barrels
Washes 2 barrels simultaneously
2 high pressure washing canes
Automatic raising/lowering of washing canes
Programmable wash, rinse and drain cycle times
Remote control operated

Upgrade Options

Color LED touch screen for easy intuitive operation
3 way separtion valve (wine, water)
Patented 3D WASH system
Steam line connection for barrel sterilizing (steam machine not included)



The barrel washing machinery shown above requires a high pressure washing unit for its correct operation. Wash pressure of between 60 and 100 Bar is recommended. The unit admits water temperature of up to 90ºC.