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Steam generator: Pulse model

Project Detail



PULSE is the best choice to clean and sterilize effectively. Cleaning with a powerful jet steam, Pulse is economical, sanitary and environmentally friendly due to the absence of excess waste water. The lack of CO2 emissions and exhaust fumes, allows it to be used safely in closed spaces with scarce ventilation.


PULSE can be used in varied sectors such as:

Car wash and detailing
Cleaning and sanitizing of buses and trains
Food industry
Maintenance and cleaning of industrial machinery
Construction sites
Graffiti and stain removal

Technical Specifications

Steam pressure: 9 bar
Steam temperature: 180°C
Voltage: 380/400V T
Maximum power: 9200W
Steam output: 13 kg / h
Water tank capacity: 30L
Detergent tank capacity: 10L
Detergent temperature: 90-125°C
Weight: 55 kg